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TTT Performance Physiology Course

Introduction to BioenergeticsIn this section you will learn about bioenergetics. To truly appreciate bioenergetics as a coach, we need to move away from outdated terms like 'aerobic', 'anaerobic', and 'lactic'. Instead, we will take a contemporary look at this topic and how understanding and applying bioenergetic principles can revolutionize your practice as a coach. 

Energy System Development: In this section you'll be presented with a comprehensive model for improving performance in work capacity based sports. After finishing this section you should understand the three primary energetic limiters that athletes experience, how to identify sport specific limiters, and how to effectively train athletes to remediate these issues. 

Mathematical Modeling of PerformanceIn this section you'll be introduced to different mathematical models that can be used to predict athlete's peak performances, optimize pacing in endurance event, and understand the influence of training stimuli on fitness, fatigue, and performance. 

Resistance TrainingIn this section you will learn about the science of strength and hypertrophy training through the lens of bioenergetics, how you can use this information to individualize an athlete's resistance training, as well as best practices for combining strength and endurance training in a concurrent training program. 

Load ManagementIn this section you will learn about the injury prevention and rehabilitation strategies used by professional sports teams, special operations performance groups, and elite fighters. This includes ways to detect regions of interest, modify training programs, and auto-regulate training during the return to play process. 

AssessmentsIn this section you will learn about the four major categories of assessments, how to create a comprehensive testing phase with or without the use of technology, as well as the physiologic assessments used with professional athletes, special forces personnel, and elite Crossfit competitors. 

Coaching TakeawaysIn this section you'll learn how positive constraints can accelerate your growth as a coach or athlete. Additionally, you will learn about TTT coach Evan Peikon, and TTT founder Max El-Hag's, training systems, how they differ from one another, where they overlap, and the role that the art and science of coaching play in each. 

What People Are Saying:

The information provided in this mentorship is so cutting edge that 
you won’t find it anywhere else. Evan’s work is changing much of what
 we know about strength and conditioning. My goal is always to be as
 knowledgeable about health and fitness as possible. This course has
 been an extremely valuable asset towards achieving that goal.

 Health and Performance Coach

As someone with little experience writing individual or group
 programming, I was initially hesitant to take this course. I had seen
 some of his content previously and thought that a lot of it was over 
my head. Thankfully, I decided to give it a try anyway. Evan did a
 great job of answering all of my questions and presenting the
information in a clear fashion. He not only provided insight into how 
to program for the individual, but also how you can do so within a
 group class structure. I learned so much from the course and I think 
anyone who has an interest in programming training for individuals or
 groups should learn from Evan.

-DF, Crossfit Coach

Evan's Knowledge and delivery of this course is outstanding. For any 
coach looking to upgrade their way of thinking about energy systems,
strength training and program design this course is a must.  The 
content Evan delivers is way ahead the curve. I truly believe there is
know-one else delivering this sort of knowledge and service.

-RM, Remote Coach

Evan does an amazing job of turning the complex information and years 
of research into easy to digest material for the willing to learn.

-KD, Crossfit Coach

Evan provides a deep understanding of physiology and has a unique
talent for taking his knowledge and articulating in a way that creates
a common language between him and the coaches he teaches. I’ve been
able increase my knowledge and have been able to apply in a way that
is suitable for the athletes I work with. I honestly feel lucky to
 have the chance to learn from him. Absolutely one of the best
 resources I’ve had.

- IS., Weightlifting Coach